English, but not Quite

English, but not Quite

Locating linguistic diversity

The 15 papers collected in "English, but not Quite" analyse the current state of English varieties and the constant process of their “re-locating and rerooting” in new territories. Taking into account the creation of a fertile terrain for change and diversity, linguistic identity and difference, they employ the critical tools of sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, media discourse, and postcolonial studies. The volume investigates language contact phenomena, such as loans, calques, code-switching, diglossia, multilingualism, lexicon expansion, culture-bound words and morpho-syntactic features in texttypes ranging from newspapers to advertisements, from literary texts to websites.
2010, pagg. 302, cm 15,5 x 23
ISBN: 9788864580074
Categoria: Politica e Società
Tag: English, Cambridge, language, Indian, Aboriginal, Maltese, Zealand, Oxford

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