Right to Water and Human Dignity

Right to Water and Human Dignity

University for Foreigners of Perugia

This work discusses the Right to Water as a fundamental Human Right in the actual historical and social framework where water is being addressed as one of the most important and strategic assets for the economic development at the short and, more importantly, at the long term. The focus is on the legal and policy issues concerning privatization as respect to the water resources public management, delivery and use. The public versus private access to water is evaluated by performing a comparative analysis of the international legal scenario. Historical, actual and trending perspectives regarding the issues of privately owned water utilities are investigated exploring the diverse experiences that characterize different climatic, social, economic and geographical settings in developed and developing countries. The existing water-related laws and basic principles at the global scale are, thus, discussed with specific regard to the recent and actual international privatization experiences for identifying the optimal principles that shall be implemented in the next generation jurisdiction. The authors’ view, based on empirical evidences extracted from the comparative investigation performed at the global scale in this work, is reflected in the discussion of this research work that is: the legal system shall not neglect the fact that water is a fundamental life asset for human beings and, as a consequence, the Right to Water has to be guaranteed for preserving Human Dignity.



2014, pagg. 56, cm 14,8 x 21
ISBN: 9788864581088
Categoria: Politica e Società
Tag: water, privatization, human right

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